This page will be a work in progress as the 'science' (some call it the 'magic'...) of lathe cuts is forever evolving.
Contrary to common belief Peters lathe cuts are stereo, but the same caveats apply with lathe cuts as with vinyl records. Try and centre the bass as much as possible etc.
Peter has had some phasing trouble with LIVE STEREO RECORDINGS in particular, especially those from handheld stereo recorders (such as zoom recorders), and recommends recording or saving these with a narrow stereo field or even in mono before cutting them to record.

Peter himself prescribes "flat equalisation or standard tone".
Filtering out sub bass below 30hz and higher frequencies above 4000 hz is going to give you a better idea of what your working with.
Digitally distorted "super loud" tracks work great on digital files but (unfortunately..) sound crap on lathe cuts..

In response to requests here is an eg of the fidelity of one of Peters lathe cuts. The track is called 'Power' and is by the NZ band The Futurians from a lathe cut put out by the PseudoArcana label:
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