PETER KING IS NOT CURRENTLY TAKING ORDERS DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES. He hopes to return soon, check this page for updates.

Due to a growing number of requests Antony Milton is now providing a service whereby he downloads audio and label art files
and prints the labels (on a high quality commercial printer), burns the disks and mails these down to Peter with a job sheet via regular NZ domestic post.
This not only saves international customers the cost of postage to NZ and the material cost of cdrs and printing but also knocks a week or more of the transit time off the jobs.
A NZ$19 fee is charged for this to cover materials and NZ postage etc.
Please contact Peter by phone to confirm your job before contacting Antony.

Payment for jobs can now be made via paypal, or creditcard via paypal.. A small fee is charged for this that covers the fees charged by paypal

After talking to Peter about your job please contact Antony if you want to use these services:
antonyjmilton (at) gmail (dot) com

Peter does not use the internet himself and so cannot be reached personally by email. He suggests phoning him and is most likely
to be about and answering the phone in the early evening
(NEW ZEALAND time, which is currently: )

If in NZ and Peter is not home when you call please leave a message with your name and phone number and he will get back to you.
If calling from overseas please keep trying until you reach Peter.
Besides that he is also receptive to snail mail.

Peter King:
International home phone/fax: 64 3 303 9755

Peter King Records
35 Comyns Street
Mount Somers
1 RD
South Island
New Zealand