We are still able to provide covers and sleeves for your records. These are made by hand by Antony Milton (of the PseudoArcana label).
At this stage these are limited to high quality professional laser printed covers onto 350gsm silk or matt card.
It is hoped that we will be able to provide screen printed covers in the near future as well (which opens up the exciting prospect of being able to print t-shirts of your cover design as well).

Due to the small quantities typically involved in lathe cut editions it has proved very difficult to get the pricing for covers as low as we would like.
We are constrained in this by the prices dictated by the printers. The prices drop significantly for larger numbers however.
The formula for ascertaining pricing for covers is cost of printing + Antony's labour (NZ$20/hr) + postage to Peter Kings factory in the South Island.
There will also be an additional charge to the overall shipping of packaged records from Peter Kings factory.
7inch and 8inch records are able to be printed on a single sheet, the sealed edge covers take 6mins each to score, cut, glue together and trim. (Print layout times are factored into this).
10inch and 12inch covers involve 2 printed sheets glued together and take 10mins each to construct.

Black and White 7inch and 8inch covers: 20=NZ$85, 30=NZ$115, 50=NZ$180
Full Colour 7inch and 8inch covers: 20=NZ$115, 30=NZ$145, 50=NZ$240
Black and White 10inch and 12inch covers: 20=NZ$140, 30=NZ$180, 50=NZ$260
Full Colour 10inch and 12inch covers: 20=NZ$180, 30=NZ$235, 50=NZ$305

We can also do SIMPLER NON-SEALED EDGE COVERS (a simple folded card cover in plastic outer). These do not require a white border and pricing on these is:
Black and White 7inch and 8inch covers: 20=NZ$55, 30=NZ$65, 50=NZ$95
Full Colour 7inch and 8inch covers: 20=NZ$86, 30=NZ$102, 50=NZ$157
Black and White 10inch and 12inch covers: 20=NZ$91, 30=NZ$120, 50=NZ$171
Full Colour 10inch and 12inch covers: 20=NZ$100, 30=NZ$131, 50=NZ$196

We can provide acid free white paper liner bags for 7" at 50c each. Anti-static plastic bags for 10"s at 45c each, and for 12"s at 50c each.
For the 8"records we recommend either using the plastic bags provided by Peter King or a plain or printed folding sheet of paper or card
so as to prevent damage sliding the record in and out of the cover.
We can provide high quality printed liners for 8" and 7" records for NZ$1.75 each (b+w) or NZ$3 (colour).
See an example of a folded slip liner in this promo video for a split 7" by Argentinian artist GMC and Antony Milton here:

The maximum card size that we can currently print onto is SRA3 (320mm x 450mm). The maximum surface that the printers can print to is 5mm in from the edges of this card. A standard size 12inch/LP cover is 315mm square. This neccesitates that all 12inch cover designs have a white (unprinted card) border of no less than 5mm. This will obviously impact upon the design that you choose to employ but until we find a way of printing very small runs cost effectively using large format printers we are unfortunately stuck with it.
That said we have had some very pleasing results inclusive of this border:

Here is a video showing an eg of a cover Antony made for a double LP:

And a MUCH longer one that takes you through the whole process and shows you whats involved in case you would like to make your own:

To discuss ordering covers with your records please contact Antony at
antonyjmilton (at) gmail (dot) com