PETER KING IS NOT CURRENTLY TAKING ORDERS DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES. He hopes to return soon, check this page for updates.

PETER KING has been making lathe cuts records since the 1980s, he is a legend in the lathe cutting community and is recognised as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people working in this field. There is extensive information about the history of Peters business on the history page
Peter uses a clear polycarbonate plastic that is said to have a higher longevity than vinyl or the vinyl blanks that are commonly used by other cutters. It is also significantly cheaper.
Due to an eye injury that makes especially fine work difficult Peter is having a tempoary break.

MINIMUM RUN: 20 Records.

MASTER FORMAT: We can DOWNLOAD your files- see the contact/queries page for info on this.
It is best to save all tracks per side as a single continuous track (A1,A2,A3 for eg become a single track called 'Side A').
If posting by snail mail CDR is the best format.
(Please send TWO copies EACH of Side A and Side B -4 disks in total- clearly marked with your job name and which side it is.) Please ensure that your audio is in phase.
Peter also accepts masters on DAT or cassette.

COLOUR OF DISKS: Clear plastic.

Peter is prepared to discuss the use of alternative materials
and shapes etc but please discuss this with him by phone.

Peter also makes PICTURE DISKS- full colour both sides. (Temporarily unavailable, restarting 2017)

THICKNESS OF RECORDS: 7"-10" =1mm. 12" =1.5mm. Picture disk = 2mm

MANUFACTURING TIME: Approx 30-40 days- subject to quantity. Whilst an effort is made to achieve 'required by' dates we cannot guarantee this.

PAYMENT: Paypal/Creditcard, International Money Order, International Bank Transfer.

All prices on this website are in NZ dollars. Payments are required in NZ dollars. Please use a currency converter such as to compare rates in your own currency.

At 33 1/3 RPM-----------At 45 RPM
7": = 6 minutes per side. ------- 5 minutes per side.
8": = 8 minutes per side. ------- 6 minutes per side.
10": = 12 minutes per side. ------- 8 minutes per side.
12": = 20 minutes per side. ------- 12 minutes per side.


7" NZ$10 per unit.
8" NZ$12 per unit.
10" NZ$14 per unit.
12" NZ$16 per unit.
Triangle 8" NZ$15 per unit.(Currently unavailable)
Hexagon 8" NZ$14 per unit.(Currently unavailable)
Square 8" NZ$13 per unit.(Currently unavailable)
Heart 8" NZ$16 per unit.(Currently unavailable)
Picture Disk 7" NZ$18 per unit.(Currently unavailable)
Picture Disk 8" NZ$19 per unit.(Currently unavailable)
Picture Disk 10" NZ$23 per unit.(Currently unavailable)
Picture Disk 12" NZ$27 per unit.(Currently unavailable)

LABELS: NZ$1.50 per record for colour or b+w.
Labels should be 92mm wide or find label template here.
If you are posting to Peter directly rather than uploading your masters please remember to send a hard copy of each of your label designs along with your audio masters.

LINER BAGS: Standard acid free white paper liner bags with centre hole for 7" NZ$0.50c per unit.
Anti-static round bottom plastic bags for 10"s at 45c per unit, and for 12"s at 50c per unit.